People usually ask a common question; Why is testing important?

In one-liner, I could say testing is important to produce and implement a bug-free solution to end users. The role of a software tester is to give assurance of the high-quality product and bug-free solution to the end user.

It is the developer’s responsibility to satisfy the customer need through excellent coding, however, a small bug in the application may create a mess in the entire solution. Here a tester plays a crucial role; before actual implementation. Your application goes through different tests before the implementation stage.

The software can be tested in two ways – manual testing and automatic testing

There are various advantages and disadvantages of each method; however, the final goal is the same ….. Producing a bug-free high-quality product.

What is manual testing?

It is nothing but understanding the functions and features of the software and verifying its quality. In manual testing, a tester manually conducts the tests on the software application with the help of predefined test cases. A lot of effort is required in manual testing. Ultimately end users are human beings and we as a human being know much better about our working pattern. So manual testing is very important.

Let’s discuss some manual testing steps:

  • A first step is to understand the client’s requirements
  • After understanding the requirements clearly, write down your own test cases
  • Perform the testing on each section of the code
  • Log your bug report

There are many myths about the role of the tester and testing field in the market. Here are a few of them:

  • Testers will never become managers – The project management skill set is entirely different. So anyone with strong management skills can become a project manager irrespective of the previous stream ( a tester can become a manager and a developer can also become a manager)
  • People with poor coding capabilities are assigned to testing – This is the most common myth. Testers need to be good at complex SQL queries, the code converting, writing scripts, etc.
  • Testing is easy – just randomly clicking on application platform –The tester will perform tests based on the test scripts and test cases. It is the testers responsibility to check the entire solution and find out the bugs.
  • Testers get less salary in the market – It is a common perception; in reality, it is not true. Testers get salary as per their competency scale in the market same as other streams like a developer, system architect, etc.

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